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Create a search box for bootstrap tables

We all creating tables and we need to have a search field to search inside a table, fast and without posts in php. It’s common to using bootstrap library for creating our websites and for creating fast and nice our tables. So with this script in javascript you can create an easy and fast search…

How to Use the Skel Library for creating web pages

  • June 1, 2014
  • Boursinos Website
  • Skel
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Nowadays all the web developers used to use for creating new web pages ready css and js libraries like as (bootstrap,skel). Here i will demonstate to you, skel library and how how to use it. All HTML5 libraries slice the row in to 12 segmets. Here every segment is “4u” or “12u” or “6u”. In the Navbar…

Everything is cards

Nowadays we can see more and more websites using cards in their layouts. For example we see twitter doing that.. Also google in google+ is doing the same. . A nice way to demonstrate your pictures, or whatever you want is by creating flipping cards. In the post here i represent to you a very…